MountainScape Points and Vehicle Access


What are MountainScape Points?

MountainScape points are used to price and purchase access to all of MountainScape's cars and events.

Subscription Plans

​1. Entry Level Membership

This can also be for members who want to use it as a retainer, and then mostly pay as you go

  • $400 / month = 170 Points / month

  • Additional 'Top Up' Points can be purchased at $2.50 / point

  • Includes 255 miles / month.  Each additional 10 miles = 1 point

2. Standard Membership

  • $800 / month = 360 Points / month

  • Additional 'Top Up' Points can be purchased at $2.50 / point

  • Includes 540 miles / month.  Each additional 10 miles = 1 point

3. Premium Membership

  • $1,200 / month = 560 Points / month

  • Additional 'Top Up' Points can be purchased at $2.50 / point

  • Includes 840 miles / month.  Each additional 10 miles = 1 point

4. Premium Plus Membership

  • $1,600 / month = 800 Points / month

  • Additional 'Top Up' Points can be purchased at $2.00 / point

  • Includes 1,200 miles / month.  Each additional 10 miles = 1 point

In all Subscription Plans:​

  • A deposit equal to the first month subscription can be made to secure a place on the waiting list for new members.  This deposit would then be used as the first months subscription upon becoming a member

  • Already purchased points can be saved and spent at any time, they do not have to be used in the month that they were bought.

  • The milage limitations apply each month, and can not be carried over.  It will be measured from the 1st day to the last day of each month, and covers all of the usage of any of the cars during that month.

Car access times and points required

  • Daily Rate:  Up to 24 contiguous hours.  The daily rate applies for each full 24 hour period, and any additional portion thereof.  As an example a usage period starting at 9am on Monday and ending at 9pm on Wednesday would be charged at 3x the daily rate.

     The number of points required for access to each vehicle can be found on the 'Our Vehicles' Page

  • Gasoline:  2 points / gallon when car is returned without a full tank.

Daily Rates 1 and 2:

  • Monday - Thursday: Daily Rate 1

  • Friday - Sunday (October through March):  Daily Rate 1

  • Friday and Saturday (April through September):  Daily Rate 2

  • Sunday (April through September):  Daily Rate 2 or Daily Rate 1 if the usage period also included the previous Friday and Saturday

For members wanting to extend a usage period:

   - please check in with the club to ensure that other members are not impacted.

Car Security and Privicy

All of our vehicles are fitted with tracking devices.  These will only ever be used while the car is with a member if it is past the return date and we are not able to contact the member using the vehicle, or if the member or the police specifically request it.  The data may also be reviewed if the cars are returned with excessive wear or with damage.

Data Privacy

We will never sell member data to any third party for any reason, without explicit, knowing consent from all members who's data would be affected, or unless legally obliged to do so.

Member Responsibilities

Please be nice to our vehicles.   We expect you to drive them enthusiastically, but also look after them.  The less time and money we spend fixing, cleaning and maintaining our cars the more they can be available, and the better we can keep costs down for you.  These are your club's cars and hopefully you'll want to keep them in great condition for other members, and for the next time you want to drive them.  Please, no burnouts, donuts or crashes, and no race tracks (arranging track days is something we are looking at for the future)