Why MountainScape?

A better way to to drive great cars

Electric and Self Driving Cars are Coming:  We welcome the advent of electric cars with their environmental benefits, and potentially much cheaper operating costs.  We also welcome the prospect of (at least partially) self driving cars that will enable us to make the most of the time we spend sitting in traffic.  If you are reading this however you probably see it as a double edged sword, and are concerned about cars becoming nothing more than soulless transportation pods - this is where we come in!

While most people (including us much of the time) will be happy moving from A to B in a silent pod; working, watching movies or chatting with fellow passengers, when the mood takes us, we'll have the newly freed up back roads to ourselves, and a set of the best driving, sounding and looking cars to enjoy on them.

Going Green: If you are considering an electric car, but occasionally take long trips, then the thought of sitting at a charging point for an hour or so every couple of hundred miles is probably very off putting.  Or if you love a drive in the mountains in something that drives, sounds and feels awesome.  As a member you can avoid this conflict by just picking up one of our cars for the trip, and we'll look after yours until you return.

Variety:  For less than the cost of owning a second car that spends most of the time in the garage, you have access to a number of the most thrilling and rewarding drivers cars available today.

Ease of Use:  You can enjoy the cars and the driving and not worry about the less fun stuff, like servicing, taxing, replacing tires, making room in the garage, preparing the car for winter, washing and of course depreciation.

Storage Space: For many city dwellers having enough garage space to keep a second car can be very difficult.  Because you can just pick up and drop off the cars you choose to drive at convenient times, with none of the cost or inconvenience of managing a remote storage location, this is now one less problem to worry about.